Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Buckethead - 6 String Giant

Found this on a msg board somewhere and forgot i downloaded it.

Still don't know a lot about it other than it's an old Japanese bootleg and it's very good! All tracks are apparently live, though the first 15 sound like he recorded them in his room. Very fun stuff and weird tones.

And here's the track listing, taken directly from the album (updated with dates and places):

The Palace - Tokyo, Japan, July 8, 1992:

1. Skids Looking Where
2. End of Phantom Monk
3. When You Wish Upon a Star
4. Cattle Prod/Solo
5. Aquabot
6. Pirate's Life for Me
7. Beginning of Phantom Monk
8. I Love My Parents
9. Nosin'
10. Terminator Theme
11. Toccato and Fugue in D Minor
12. Halloween Theme
13. Unknown Theme Song
14. Interlude/Solo
15. Giant Robot

Electric Church - New York, NY, April 27, 2000:

16. Introduction
17. Jowls
18. Jump Man
19. Giant Robot/Solo/Nuntyaku
20. Pirate's Life for Me/Chicken Pickin'
21. Huge Unaccompanied Solo
22. Big Sur Moon
23. Night of the Slunk